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The body fights weight loss – it’s trying to protect you.

Weightloss Doctor Bulleen

Our bodies control the things that matter for survival. They have set points for temperature, blood pressure, oxygen levels, blood sugar, all sorts of chemicals in our blood, and many other variables. When changes occur, our bodies automatically react to return us to our set point, usually without us even noticing. We call this Homeostasis. […]

Overweight and obesity are caused by genes and the environment

dna strand

There is no doubt we live in an obesogenic environment. That is, an environment that makes it much more likely for people to gain weight and develop obesity.  It’s not just one or two things, but a complex interplay between many factors. It’s our lifestyle, technology, work life, leisure activities, time pressures, housing, communities, economy […]

It’s about the disease, not the weight

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We define overweight and obesity by weight, and of course one of the outcomes of obesity is increasing bodyweight. But it’s only one of the outcomes. From a medical point of view, it isn’t an important one. The true impact of overweight and obesity comes not from the amount of weight, but the type of […]